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  • Add custom images

    If you are using the custom CSS you will probably need to use more images that are not called in the interface. There is a technique where you can put your own images.

    You must know that all images that you put in the images folder of your template will be removed as soon as you will update the template from the interface.


    Put the images in a custom folder

    Go in your template folder and create a subfolder. You can name it as you want, in our example we will call it custom

    The folder will then looks like



    Use the images path in your custom CSS

    When writing your custom css you just have to point your images to the folder that you have created. Example with a background :

    #test {
        background: url(../images/custom/myimage.jpg);


    Note that you an organize your images in multiple subfolders if you want


  • How to install in Joomla!

    How to install Template Creator CK in Joomla!


    The easiest way to install Template Creator CK is to use the install with the ZIP file. In some cases this method does not work, essentially because your server does not allow the file to be uploaded. You can then use the method to install from a folder.


    Method 1 : Upload package file

    Go in the admin menu >> Extensions >> Install, and selec the tab Upload Package File

    You can select the file that you have downloaded on which shall have a name like this :

    Once you have selected this file, you can click on the Upload and Install button.

    The main cause of this method to not work is when you are using a server which has an upload file size limit at 2 Mo. This is typically the case of the local servers like Wampserver.

    To avoid this problem you can simply change this limit in your server. Go in your Wampserver folder to find the php.ini file, for example in


    Edit the file (notepad++ is a simple and useful tool to do that) and search for the line

    upload_max_filesize = 2M

    replace the value for something higher, like this

    upload_max_filesize = 8M

    Then save the php.ini file, restart your server and try again to install the file.


    Method 2 : Install from folder

    You can use this method if the one described above does not work. Go in the admin menu >> Extensions >> Install, and select the tab Install from folder

     You must first unzip the file

    This will give you a folder with a .xml file and other files : this is the main component extension.

    Once extracted, you should see some folders and files, and the most important is to see the .xml file (needed for installation).

    You can now copy/paste the path to this folder in the Install folder field in your website and click on the Install button if you are working on a local host.

    If you are using this method on a live server, you must upload your files on the server with FTP (or a file browser tool from your host provider). Then give the path to your server folder, where you have placed these files (where the .xml file is located) and click on the Install button.



  • How to remove a template

    How to remove a template

    When you delete a template from Template Creator CK, it will not remove it from your Joomla website. This is made to avoid your template to be removed accidentally.

    So if you want to remove a template, you must remove the files manually. There are 2 methods

    • using the Joomla installer
    • using FTP



    1/ Using the Joomla installer

    Go in your admin menu >> Extensions >> Manage >> Manage

    You can filter by type = template, folder = site, so that you can see all the frontend templates

    Then you can select your template and click on the Uninstall button



    If you don't find your template in the list, then it means that your template has not been installed in Joomla, even if the files are preset. You can install it manually so that you can remove it, directly from the backend interface

    to install the template files : Go in admin menu >> Extensions >> Manage >> Discover

    Click on the Discover button to check for the existing files that are not yet installed in the system. You can select the template and click on the Install button. Then you can start again the method to uninstall it from the Joomla installer.


    2/ Using FTP

    You can connect to your FTP client and go in the templates folder


    here you will find all the templates that are in your website. You can remove them by deleting the folder.

    NOTE that some templates may be installed into your website, it is recommended to check in the Joomla templates list what you are currently using, because this action can not be reverted

  • How to update in Joomla!

    How to update in Joomla!

    In Joomla! the update process is simple.

    Download the latest version of Template Creator CK

    Go in your website admin >> Manage >> Install >> Select the .zip file that you have downloaded


    Joomla! will automatically update the files for the existingi installation.

  • Templates list in Joomla!

    Templates list in Joomla!


    When you are in the Template Creator admin page, you can see the templates list.



    1/ Toolbar

    You can find here all actions to perform in the component, to create a new template, edit it (edit the informations like the name, date, author ..).


    Export a gabarit : What is a gabarit ? it is a file that contains all the template informations so that you can save it into a format that you can import into Template Creator. Export the gabarit and you will generate a file .TCK3Z.

    This is very useful to share or save the template.


    Import a gabarit :Import the TCK3Z file so that you can retrieve the template structure with all modules and styles, also the images and the custom css.


    2/ Left menu


    Here you can go to each page :


    Templates list : The list of all your templates to manage


    Fonts : you can add some Fontsquirrel here, so that you can select them directly into your template edition interface

    Note that you can directly manage the Google fonts in the template interface


    About : it gives you the information about the software version and the release notes


    Help : it shows some videos to help you in managing some tasks, like editing the custom.css file


    3/ Templates list


    You can see all your templates creation here. Click on the one you want to enter in the edition mode.

  • Welcome in the documentation

    Welcome in the

    Template Creator CK



    You will find here a lot of useful informations to help to you use the software, and also to help you to get the desired result to create your own Joomla! template, or Wordpress theme.


    If you don't find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to use the contact form to submit your request.

    Hope it helps !





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