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Drag and Drop the elements in your template to construct your page. Organize them like you want.
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Play with the styles to create your own design with gradient, rounded corners, shadows and much more.
Responsive design
Set up your responsive behavior and select which element to show or hide on different resolutions.
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22/11/16 : Version 1.1.2

  • Add neutral text alignment button (default button)
  • Change the behavior of the accordions in the style popup to allow to have them all opened
  • Removed the database clean on uninstall to prevent loss of data
  • Fix some unusual drag and drop behavior
  • Fix issue with IE
  • Fix language errors
  • Fix headers warnings

12/09/16 : Version 1.1.1

  • Fix issue with styles disappearing when changing the block ID
  • Add https compatibility for Googlefont even if you have added it with http

25/07/16 : Version 1.1.0

  • Add the widgets feature for parallax background and top fixed wrapper

19/07/16 : Version 1.0.1

  • Add the equalheights option on aligned modules
  • Fix an issue with Firefox that kept the page in cache (not possible to see changes in the page after save)
  • Fix an issue with the custom css in reponsive area

01/07/16 : Version 1.0.0

  • Improve the interface layout to have a better working area
  • New option to restore the template to a previous version (up to 6 versions)
  • Add options to edit and remove the My Favorites items
  • Add top menu with link to actions
  • Add the custom.css into the component.php
  • Update the custom code method to fix a problem

02/05/15 : Version 0.1.2 to 0.2.12

  • [SOLVED]For the bullet list, I can't select an image, get a "failed" message
  • [SOLVED](favicon to be managed in the customize interface >> site identity)The Favicon feature not work properly. I can't see all images already uploaded.It also don't appear in the live website
  • [SOLVED]Font size field for menu item dont work
  • [SOLVED]Update from about page does not work
  • [SOLVED]Joomla! <-> Wordpess sharing gabarit issues (naming, custom code not taken)
  • [ADDED]No media upload tab while choosing a background so we have to upload it first via the media library
  • [ADDED]Woo commerce integration
  • [SOLVED]Don't save new theme
  • [ADDED]Capability to disable comments
  • [ADDED]list styling
  • [SOLVED]copy/paste CSS not working
  • [SOLVED]import themes made with the joomla version
  • [ADDED]Add support for theme background support from wordpress
  • [ADDED]add option for cover in the custom background settings
  • [ADDED]Custom code not taken when export a gabarit
  • [SOLVED]Problems with theme name if contains "-" or other special characters

15/11/15 : Version 0.1.1

  • fix issues with redirection after action
  • fix issues with the toolbar not showing
  • fix an issue with the mobile.css not loaded by default

24/09/15 : Version 0.1.0

  • added new media selection popup
  • added row block
  • fixed few little issues
  • added name of block with the sidebar ID in the customizer (WP preview)
  • added / fixed the fonts interface feature
  • fix a copy issue
  • added import and export features
  • don't delete the theme folder on preview and download to avoid to remove additional files added manually
  • improved the gabarit structure to be compatible with the gabarit made with the Joomla! version

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