Manage the Google Fonts


Add a Google Font to your theme / template

You can add a Google font directly in the theme / template when editing it. Go in the CSS edition of any block where you want to add the font and click on the Text edition >>Select button

This will open a popup where you can search for the Google Fonts.


You can type multiple criterias to ask for the font. Examples:

  • open sans
  • Open+Sans
  • <link href=',400italic,600' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>


Then click on the blue Select button to validate your new font. It applies immediately to your block.


 Once you have added a font in the theme / template, you can use it again on any block just by selecting it in the fonts list of the CSS edition :


Manage / Remove the Google fonts

if you have added a Google Font in your theme / template and you don't want anymore to use it (and then not load it in your theme), you can remove it by using Actions >> Manage Google Fonts

It will open the Google Fonts Manager :



Just click the Delete button for the font that you wan to remove and it will remove it totally from the theme / template.