Templates list in Joomla!


When you are in the Template Creator admin page, you can see the templates list.



1/ Toolbar

You can find here all actions to perform in the component, to create a new template, edit it (edit the informations like the name, date, author ..).


Export a gabarit : What is a gabarit ? it is a file that contains all the template informations so that you can save it into a format that you can import into Template Creator. Export the gabarit and you will generate a file .TCK3Z.

This is very useful to share or save the template.


Import a gabarit : Import the TCK3Z file so that you can retrieve the template structure with all modules and styles, also the images and the custom css.


2/ Left menu


Here you can go to each page :


Templates list : The list of all your templates to manage


Fonts : you can add some Fontsquirrel here, so that you can select them directly into your template edition interface

Note that you can directly manage the Google fonts in the template interface


About : it gives you the information about the software version and the release notes


Help : it shows some videos to help you in managing some tasks, like editing the custom.css file


3/ Templates list


You can see all your templates creation here. Click on the one you want to enter in the edition mode.

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