1 - General

1-1 - All transactions on http://www.template-creator.com are subject to these terms and conditions, which prevail over any conditions of purchase. These general conditions of sale apply to all the benefits and  services by our Company.

1.2 - The information in this site, tariffs or other documents do not bind our Company reserves the right to make any changes to the information provided in these documentations.

1-3 - All orders will be completed online using the secure payment system Paypal. No other payment is accepted unless otherwise specific to our Company.

2 - Prices and deadlines

2-1 - The prices are exclusive of tax and are not delivered. Our company reserves the right to change  prices at any time without notice.

2-2 - The delivery does not constitute a commitment of our Company. Notwithstanding this reservation, our company will do everything in its power to meet the deadlines it could indicate. Any transaction is subject to the vagaries of computer and our company is not liable for delays in product availability in response to such a hazard.

2-3 - The products are normally available directly after the online purchase, in accordance with section 2-2.

3 - Payment Terms

3-1 - Payments are due and payable without discount within thirty days from the date of the transaction.

3-2 - Any payment not made on the date agreed to our billing address bears interest at a rate of 1% per month without any prior notice being required.

3-3 - The mode of regulation is in effect the payment gateway via PayPal. No other mode of payment will be accepted unless explicitly granted in our society.

4 - Transfer of ownership

Any product purchased on the site is wholly owned by our company.

5 - Warranties and Responsibilities

5-1 - No guarantee of outcome can be made by our company. The proper functioning of the software in the customer environment is the responsibility of it. A free basic version can be used to check compatibilté systems. The incompatibility of environments can not be accepted as grounds for refund.

5-2 - Our company can not be held responsible for loss or destruction of a file after the expiration of the download. No copy can be requested.

5-3 - Our company can not provide a guarantee for the results of products it is subordinate to knowledge of a customer that it happens for you to get by his own care.

6 - Disclaimer

In all cases, the responsibility of our Company will be limited to the price paid by the customer to purchase a product.

7 - Confidentiality

Our Company will use all reasonable efforts to keep confidential information entrusted to it in the context of the work for the client.

8 - Force majeure

Our Company shall not be liable of delays, errors or for any damages or Another flaw in the performance of its obligations in cases of force majeure include such as acts of war, strikes, equipment failures, etc. ...

9 - Various

9-1 - No changes to these terms and conditions shall be valid unless it has been a written agreement  between our Company and the customer.

9-2 - The invalidity of any part of the provisions of these terms and conditions may not affect the validity of other conditions.

9-3 - The failure by our Company or the client rights specified in these terms and conditions shall not  constitute a waiver of those rights.

10 - Governing Law / Jurisdiction

10-1 - No acceptance for payment of checks, drafts or any effects domiciled in another place or novation operates notwithstanding this clause conferring jurisdiction. The applicable law is French law.


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Responsive design joomla template

Template creator creates some Responsive Design Joomla templates.

You choose how the template is displayed with the mobile devices.

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You will have a 30 day trial, if the software does not fit your needs you can ask for a refund*

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Livre templates Joomla! 3

livre creation template joomla 3

200 pages pour apprendre à créer votre template Joomla! 3 de A à Z.

Compatible Maximenu CK


logo maximenuck 110

Template Creator is full compatible with Maximenu CK to allow you to create a Joomla megamenu.

Compatible Slideshow CK


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Template Creator is compatible with the responsive Slideshow CK to module.

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free responsive joomla template