Overview in Joomla!

When you are in the Template Creator admin page, you can see the templates list.


1/ Toolbar

You can find here all actions to perform in the component, to create a new template, edit it (edit the informations like the name, date, author ..).

Export a gabarit : What is a gabarit ? it is a file that contains all the template informations so that you can save it into a format that you can import into Template Creator. Export the gabarit and you will generate a file .TCK3Z.

This is very useful to share or save the template.

Import a gabarit : Import the TCK3Z file so that you can retrieve the template structure with all modules and styles, also the images and the custom css.

2/ Left menu

Here you can go to each page :

Templates list : The list of all your templates to manage

Fonts : you can add some Google Font or Fontsquirrel here, so that you can select them directly into your template edition interface

About : it gives you the information about the software version and the release notes

Help : it shows some videos to help you in managing some tasks, like editing the custom.css file

3/ Templates list

You can see all your templates creation here. Click on the one you want to enter in the edition mode.