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How to customize your 404 error page


You can create a custom error page in your Joomla! template and your Wordpress theme. Both systems manage this special page with a custom file to show the needed infos. Template Creator CK creates this page for you and allows you to display what you want in it with a few simple steps.

Edit the Error page layout

Go in the top menu >> Layouts >> Error page. This will open a new popup with the options with which you can play to manage your error page.

 This is the edition area that you shall see

Check the options that you can use :

  • Use a 404 custom page : if you set this option on No, Template Creator CK will not create any file for you. This is useful if you want to create your own page and put it manually in the template / theme, so that it will not be erased
  • Show the code in the maincontent : If Yes, then all modules will be loaded as the other page of your website and the error code and messages will take place into the maincontent area instead of the articles and content. If No, then nothing will be loaded in the body of your page, only the code of the error page. This is useful if you want to create a specific page with a full background and just few lines of text with the error code.
  • Editor area : You can write here any code, it will be added in the body (according to the setting for the Show the code in the maincontent option)


Available tags

To help you to construct your page, there are some tags that you can place in the code editor. The tags will be replaced automatically by Template Creator CK with the correct PHP code regarding what is needed in both Joomla! and Wordpress.

Finally your custom error page could look like this :


INFO : the search field in Joomla! will only be shown if there is a search module published in any position of the template. Else nothing will be loaded in this place

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