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Download the component Template Creator CK to create your own Joomla templates.

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You will find on http://www.themes-ck.com a list of free Joomla! templates that are compatible with mobile devices (Responsive Design). All these templates are made with Template Creator CK.

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Template Creator CK v3 Template Creator CK v3

Component Template Creator CK v3 to be installed in Joomla! 3.x or Joomla! 2.5 (it can export joomla templates for the version 1.5 or 2.5 or 3.x).


WARNING : you can not update from the V2, you must uninstall and reinstall the component as this is a major version, and you must recreate your new template from scratch in the V3. You are responsible if you upgrade and loose your work without taking care of this message.

Documentation Documentation

This package contains the PDF documentation in French and English for Template Creator CK version 3.

Template Creator CK - Wordpress

Component Template Creator CK v3 to be installed in Wordpress.


WARNING : This is a BETA version, please don't use it on a live website, or at you own risks.


Themes for Template Creator CK

Templates Listing for Template Creator CK

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  • Download the gabarit into Template Creator and modify the template like you want



Template Creator CK documentation

List of Features



Responsive design


Responsive design joomla template

Template creator creates some Responsive Design Joomla templates.

You choose how the template is displayed with the mobile devices.

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You will have a 30 day trial, if the software does not fit your needs you can ask for a refund*

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Livre templates Joomla! 3

livre creation template joomla 3

200 pages pour apprendre à créer votre template Joomla! 3 de A à Z.

Compatible Maximenu CK


logo maximenuck 110

Template Creator is full compatible with Maximenu CK to allow you to create a Joomla megamenu.

Compatible Slideshow CK


logo slideshowck 110

Template Creator is compatible with the responsive Slideshow CK to module.

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